APCO Fiji – Banner Image


APCO is the brand Asian Paints uses for all its products in Fiji. We worked on a new brand positioning, brand identity and the complete launch campaign and communication with the new identity in those markets.

APCO was changing its business focus to the rapidly growing DIY category in Fiji. It needed an identity and positioning that was aligned to that business vision and something that spoke directly to the consumer. We worked to create a younger, more vibrant and relatable brand that could then be extended to all other touchpoints and create an exciting new image of APCO.


"Happy imagining" was the story that captured the essence of the brand reflecting how it unshackled customers and set their creativity free. A colour palette was created that looked refined and elegant, while conveying youthfulness and energy.


We created a campaign that announced the change in the brand's identity, most specifically its new logo, to draw focus on the new positioning. We also created a series of ads for their different products, highlighting certain key features of the brand.


All the products were repackaged as per the new design language of the brand. Using a combination of design grids and colours, varied categories of products were differentiated, while still giving them a sense of being from the same family.