Amore is a brand owned by Wellness Forever - a large pharmacy and supermarket chain with a pan-India footprint. We helped create the identity, brand architecture and packaging for their different product lines.

Amore needed an identity that reflected the modern, rapidly evolving concept of holistic well-being. Their entire product range was based on the philosphy of being in nature. It was thus our mandate to create a brand identity that encapsulated the essence of this belief. Through our aggressive branding strategy and unique packaging design we managed to enhance Amore’s brand effectiveness.


As a brand that was focused on the holistic well-being of all, we crafted an identity inspired by the 5 elements of nature. The positioning "In love, with life" connected to the brand name. A brand architecture and colour palette was defined that helped extend the identity across product verticals.


We designed the packging for Amore's diverse product lines, and ensured that every vertical stood out and yet stayed consistent with the brand's visual identity. A defined design language helped bring the brand alive across tubes, bottles, cartons and the complete packaging range used by the brand.


A display was designed that could be customised for each outlet it was used in. The display was inspired by elements from the identity and offered a simple yet delightful experience to the user. Other posters and communications were also designed for the brand to be used in-store.