Clan Connect is one of India's first Influencer Marketing Platforms, designed to connect content creators with brands and agencies. We created an exciting visual identity for the brand, which became the medium for all brand communication.

Clan Connect needed an identity that would reflect it's philosophy of being a content creator focused platform with cutting-edge technology. The identity needed to be extended into digital first touchpoints like their website along with the platform and dashboard that all their stakeholders would access. We delivered an integrated solution in partnership with their in-house tech team that helped the brand become market-ready and enabled it to gain a strong foothold in the industry.


Created an identity inspired by their alliterative name, a design language and a palette that represented the tech-first and youth-first DNA of the brand.


Designed the UI/UX for the website and the dashboard for the platform, in line with the visual grammar of the brand. Created a series of infographics keeping up with the metrics of the platform.