What should doors that are nearly indestructible be called? More importantly, how can it truly stand out in a crowded market, dominated by established players.

Launched by the famed NCL group, Duradoor is a brand 4AM has been associated with since its inception. From christening the brand and creating its much admired logo to organising an unforgettable launch party, we helped it get grab the necessary eyeballs, long before it breached the market.


The logo we designed for Duradoor captured essence of the brand and highlighted its promise of lifelong durability.


Right from press ads and OOH, to promotional mailers, festive mailers and GIFs, a whole lot of advertising and digital material is designed on a regular basis, complemented with impressive concepts and on-point copy.


4AM organised a grand launch party for Duradoor at ITC, Hyderabad. India’s top architects and designers were invited to the event. Apart from a grand introduction to the brand with eye catching displays of the product, they enjoyed a gala evening befitting the launch.