Nexus Mall

Nexus Malls acquired Alpha One mall in Amritsar and rebranded it as Mall of Amritsar. It needed to be relaunched under a new name and positioned in keeping with Nexus' vision for the mall. 6 months of brilliant communication resulted in replacing the Alpha One memories in the minds of the consumer with premium and delightful new ones.

Nexus Malls needed Mall of Amritsar to be presented in a new light. It needed an accurate understanding of the Amritsari pulse while also transforming the image of the mall from its old avatar. We worked closely with the marketing team at Nexus malls right from consumer and tenant research to strategic positioning to the final brand creatives and tactical campaigns as well. We achieved what we set out to to and it led to us working on the launch of another mall in Bhubaneshwar as well. Good work does sell.


It began with a launch advertising campaign to establish the positioning of "Apne Ambarsar Da Apna Mall". Language that reflected the sense of Amritsari pride which was an integral part of the consumer psyche complementing a colour palette that was stylish and contemporary in keeping with their aspirations. The extended the story to the Christmas and End of Season Sale (EOSS) which cemented the new image of the mall in the Amritsar landscape.


Worked on creating a family of characters who captured the DNA of the Amritsar audience. Designed, modelled and executed these characters in 3D and then used them in different creatives of the launch campaign and other tactical campaigns as well. These characters became synonymous with the identity of the mall.