Child Rights And You (CRY) is an Indian NGO that works to ensure happier childhoods for all children. CRY UK, the UK Chapter of CRY came into existence to ensure that the story of India’s children is heard in the UK and to garner support from corporations and individuals based in the country. They partnered with 4 AM Worldwide to completely revamp their website with more focus on SEO and user interaction.

CRY UK had a website that was in an outdated format and wasn’t responsive or user-friendly. They wanted a website that was easier to understand for the stakeholders and their target audience. We revamped their website making it engaging, mobile-friendly as well as interactive. We also created a dynamic donation page with a more compact donation process and payment gateway. We developed new pages for their events and projects sections, which gave a user a detailed view of the various events and charity projects in which CRY UK was involved. We did all this while also ensuring the website content was SEO-friendly to improve their search results.