Fairtrade India

Creating a plan that leads people towards sustainable choices.

Every Fairtrade-certified product gives marginalised farmers and workers more power over their future. Our main goal was to increase awareness about this through online and offline communication by increasing social media followers and increasing website pledges.

As proud communication partners of Fairtrade, we understood that making sustainable decisions needed to become a daily habit and a part of the global movement. In order to make our broader cause more relatable to Indians, we customised global awareness slogans that connected farmers to consumers. In 31 days, we achieved - Increased likes by 5% (Facebook), Followers rose by 2.5% (Instagram).


We discovered sustainability as a concept, has very limited understanding. Young Indians are keen to participate in sustainable movements but they are unsure about which organisation to support. Through the campaign we earned their trust and urged them to be a part of the movement, evident in the high number of pledges received on the website.