Nexus Malls


Blackstone’s retail arm had acquired 17 individual malls all over India by the year 2022, our mandate was to rebrand these unique malls with different identities under one umbrella - Nexus Malls.

Each mall had:

  • Their own individual characteristics.
  • Their own individual goals
  • Their own needs to be met, everyday.

This giant we tamed with the magic of a disciplined multi-pronged approach of research, strategy, alignment, content and branding.


Instilling 'Har Din Kuch Naya' and the brand color, Purple in newly rebranded malls.

With brand communication, we focused on providing personalized customer experiences and engagement to reiterate the ‘KUCH NAYA’ concept.
We also launched the Purple Power campaign to make the new color the signature color of Nexus Malls. Offline every mall facade was updated with the new purple color and we created a variety of posts to reiterate the same in the minds of consumers.

Recognise. Revamp. Rejuvenate - A rebranding exercise

Rebranding involved establishing and following a consistent brand identity in brand colors, philosophy and categories. We launched weekly content buckets such as Outfit of The Week, the Purple Poll and campaigns for events such as the TGIBF (Thank God It’s Black Friday) Sale. This was in addition to topical days and trending posts.

Maintaining consistency in terms of content, tone and content performance was imperative. Second, we created brand recall through brand consistency and repetition. And thirdly, used messaging that would appeal to a diverse TG. We improved performance by creating clutter-breaking campaigns.

Burpy Mascot

Created for Nexus Malls, Burpy brings an online presence that is refreshing in the retail sector. Burpy threads the needle between a relatable food-lover and a superhero. But his ultimate power is his personality - he is stylish, loveable, humourous and of course, always hungry.

Nexus One App

The Nexus One App was a big challenge as the app had been available for six months with an adoption of only about 6,000 people. We created a campaign that appealed to people’s desire for exclusivity and convenience. Post this, an additional 40,000 users adopted it in 3 months.

Nexus Malls wanted to create a website that captured the new identity. The brief was to bring all 17 malls under one common umbrella - Nexus.

What we did: We defined a clear tone, including design that stuck to the purple brand colour that Nexus Malls wanted to establish.

  • The content was prepared for each individual mall with 17 pages that were created dedicated to each mall.
  • The UI/ UX was defined and the website was created featuring
  • highlights - ESG reports, high-quality images within a uniform look and feel.