Shriram Properties

Shriram Properties is a leading Bangalore based developer with a presence in Kolkata, Vizag, Hyderabad and Chennai as well. We partner with the team to manage all communication requirements across Bangalore and Kolkata ranging from campaigns and collateral to site branding and channel partner communication.

We have worked with Shriram Properties over the years as an extension to their marketing teams. Right from the brief stage to the complete execution of all their communication requirements, we have collaborated very closely with the middle and senior management at Shriram to successfully launch multiple projects and have achieved some record-breaking sales numbers with them.


We conceptualised, designed and executed complete campaigns for all the projects and for the parent brand as well. This included launch cand sustenance campaigns as well as one-off tactical advertising campaigns that were required as per the needs of the sales team. We revamped the complete website for the parent brand while reimagining the complete user experience along with a complete interactive module for project exploration. We offered ORM support services to build a positive brand image.


We worked on the naming and identity of all projects launched by Shriram in Bengaluru, help create Codename related identities and the final project brands. We also execute all marketing collateral designs for their launch and sustenance campaigns. This included project brochure designing, opportunity documents, sales presentations and all other sales office branding and design related requirements as well.


Shriram Properties is a real estate brand with customer centric approach. With the objective of listening to the customer voice about the services they provide, social listening is an important part of Shriram’s branding approach.

Shriram Properties has chosen 4AM Worldwide expertise to manage their ORM-related activities with the aim of achieving the goal. 4AM world wide knows best how to connect to multiple social media platforms and gather information to help them make wise business decisions.