The Man Company


4AM Worldwide works with Flipkart-Man Company on a variety of creative projects. For this brand, we created branding, packaging and catalogue designs for their new product line launch.

Founded in 2013, The Man Company had one core goal: To create the purest and highest- quality skin, hair and body care products for men. Through Flipkart, 4AM Worldwide created a campaign through distinctive brand packaging, catalogue design and content - to offer their complete new product line an aesthetically immaculate feel.


Trimmers and blade clippers were among the newly announced product verticals, which are easy-to-use grooming devices for men that can give salon-quality results at home. 4AM Worldwide created a series of eye-catching catalogues that accentuated the product's aesthetics and utility, allowing it to stand out in the crowded e-commerce market.


The Man Company already had a brand book with guidelines, so our expertise with branding for their new product line was reflected in the visual and design style, colour palette, and logo placements on packaging and catalogue design.


The Man Company's product packaging, designed by 4AM Worldwide, strikes a balance between aesthetics, practicality, and integrity, as well as the premium pursuit of the modern man. The catalogues were created with the journey of a gentleman in mind, who is constantly besieged with do's and don'ts, perpetual mental conflict, and a concern for conformity in every part of his life.