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Whether you begin your day at dawn or call it a night - 4AM is the ‘Creator’s Hour’ when creative thinking comes alive. That time of the day when you would call upon your trusted friend to talk
(not the only time we hope!).

Our Services

In our efforts to impact client business, we offer creative services of many kinds. From logo identity to brand films, social media marketing to large-scale events – 4AM creative thinking runs far and wide.


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Our Approach

What we do.

Curiosity is what we start with. Integrated is how we think. Performance is what we bring. Creativity is what we leave you with.

We are an integrated creative advertising agency, who are masters of storytelling. We help our clients perform better, keeping them first as that to us is what matters. We are the human pugs that can sniff out the interesting, engaging and entertaining elements in any saga. But our stories don’t just end in sagas, they create a lasting impact for our clients.


We use every opportunity that comes our way to push our boundaries and create something we can collectively feel proud of. We’ve been awarded multiple times over the past few years and are glad to have our work recognised across diverse industries and clients we have partnered with.

Good Work Shows

SAMBAR | Branding and Design | Brand Environment | Events and Activation
PIRAMAL CAPITAL HOUSING AND FINANCE | Branding and Advertising | Events and Activation | Photography and Films
NUCLEUS CORPORATE | Branding and Design | Digital | Events and Activation

Meet Our Team

Leaders. Changemakers. Innovators.

Unified by an innate sense of curiosity and a passion for creativity - from artists to academicians, sportspersons to strategists, we are an eclectic mix of people who would bring any room alive.

Anand Nair

Anand Nair

Resident Guru & Gourmand
A.K.A Chief Creative Officer

A versatile professional and an engaging storyteller, Anand stands at the intersection of Brands, Ideas & Technology. Armed with a degree in engineering and a flair for writing, he brings in a nuanced lens to solving business problems in the most imaginative way! His ability to connect even the seemingly most unconnected dots, by dipping into his memory bank of culture trivia, past creative work and business articles is what makes Anand someone you’d love to have a conversation with!

He lives to eat and eats to live. He can go to great lengths for good food - from street eats to gourmet, sweet to savoury, Indian to Eritrean! And, he definitely lives up to his reputation when he’s cut loose at a buffet. Anand burns off those calories easily too, as the fitness buff who loves to run. He is equally happy to sit down in front of a TV or show up at a stadium for any game. He borrows his observations and learnings from multiple sports arenas while mentoring the next line of leaders at 4 AM - the de facto sounding board for colleagues and clients alike.

Anand is a devoted father and adores his daughter’s limitless energy and innate ability to chat about random stuff. No wonder he hopes to channel Bill Watterson and write/illustrate a children's graphic novel! Our creative leader is a risk-taker too. What probably began with his decision to pursue a career in an industry that had nothing to do with his education, now manifests in the bets as he takes on the quirky writer or the wildcard designer to lead projects and teams at 4AM. Happy to report that most of them have paid off! And yup, he dares to bungee jump and sky-dive in between hectic work schedules! Anand once did a pole dance at a birthday party in a nightclub in Marrakech. Oh yeah, our boss-man’s got the moves!

Meenakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Meenakshi Aggarwal-Gupta

The General & the Mad Scientist
A.K.A Chief Operating Officer

Life has come full circle for our Mothership - the main control centre and trouble-shooter across departments and hierarchies! Once a tour-de-force in the academic world, Meenakshi proved her mettle as an acclaimed academician, researcher and consultant for a decade and a half in two of the country’s most respected management schools, and then transformed into a creative entrepreneur in the ad mad world…with a bang!

A scientist, a strategist, a management professional, a coach and mentor, she brings almost two decades of managerial experience to the organisation. She manages her spirited team across 3 cities, just like she succeeds in managing her two independent and responsible teenagers - with her unbiased outlook and empathetic yet firm tone. Perhaps, it is her children that bring out the warmth in her, that lends to her approachable demeanour.

Meenakshi can look beyond the obvious to the nebulous, think beyond the present into the future, and dig deeper to the core of what makes people and organisations tick. While future forecasting is her thing, she is equally fascinated by the past. She is awed by the play of light on old architecture and stone work and loves devouring classic reads.

And by the way, Meenakshi knows how to rock a saree with panache, just like how she rocks the boardroom with her pointed observations!

Jairaj Nair

Jairaj Nair

Sock Maestro & Jugaad Jaadugar
A.K.A VP Experiential Marketing

Jairaj is in a league of his own! He nails the big fat Indian shaadi circuit with swag. Nope, he’s not breaking into a swayamvara-based reality show, but empowering couples to plan their dream weddings. Well, that’s how it dawned to him that events were his main gig and not just a side hustle. Jairaj catapulted his passion into a career par excellence catering to the biggest corporate houses this side of the Indian ocean.

Our master of people skills and quick jugaads has single-handedly bagged the mandate as an event partner for a Paint & Emulsion major, servicing close to 18 brands. He even bagged a feature on Event FAQs. Oh yeah, Nair is on fire! And he’ll go one up on himself when he gets that UAE Golden Visa. Just kidding…or not!

This boy is the whole nine yards or bust. He once did a snow drive across Spiti Valley in the heights of December at -24 degrees. His passion is driving his swanky SUV to picturesque Dhanushkodi with wind in his hair. And even when at home Jairaj pulls all the stops. He surprised his wife with a super romantic trip to Paris for one of their anniversaries. And he can go to any lengths to make his ten-year old’s day!

It’s easy to spot him amongst the 4 AM flock. Look out for the quirkiest frames and psychedelic socks, and there’s our man!

Manalee Raut

Manalee Raut

Captain Cool & the Eternal Optimist
A.K.A Creative Director - Art

Manalee is the OG of the 4 AM Creative team having witnessed the agency grow from 20 people to a 100. That’s called commitment in today’s let’s jump-to-the-next-ship world! It’s the same degree of sincerity that she brings to the brands that she works on.

In her 12 years of agency life, Manalee has built and led teams in creating award winning campaigns across diverse categories like film production houses, real estate, decor and building materials, retail, hospitality, and personal care among others. All this without getting flustered, as cool as a cucumber!

Manalee believes in pursuing happiness in everything that she does - photography, graphic design or even riding the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World. The ever optimist, she feels that the best is yet to come - whether professionally or personally.

There is nothing that annoys multi-tasking Manalee more than a slow internet connection. After all, this creative genius has multiple tabs opened both in her mind and on her machine at all times and is swift in coming up with creative solutions for any project.

Ayush Prashad

Aayush Anand

King of the Road & Motion Maniac
A.K.A Creative Director - Motion

If Aayush’s spirit could be captured in a phrase it would be: "Ride the wind, follow the sunset, and make a film out of it."

With 15 years in design, animation and films, Aayush has bagged a few international awards and a national award for his animation film too! In fact, here’s a cool fact about our animation maestro - from 2015 to 2017, he made one film or television commercial every single month! When he’s not on cinematic adventures, he’s chasing them down the inter-state highways on his rugged bike. Aayush dreams of road tripping between Mumbai and London on his prized wheels, filming every bit of the journey.

Aayush can do anything for a good story. He once spent an entire day on the street with a homeless person understanding the nuances for a film. He has a lot of patience whether on the shoot-floor or the edit table, and he needs oodles of it while tending to his adorable brood, consisting of 50 birds, 2 turtles and 1 dog. A man of heart and empathy, his motley crew will vouch with a chorus of resounding chirps and woofs.

Radha Phukan

Radha Phukan

Serial Chiller & Fire Fighter
A.K.A. Creative Director

Radha’s favourite F word is Friday. Not because she likes to party (that she definitely does!) but because she likes to sign off on a productive work-week. She believes in the power of ‘the weekend’ (not the rapper!) as the ultimate therapy for creative folks to drive their mojo. While her first love is writing, she feels fewer words can yield a sharper narrative. She believes in telling stories irrespective of formats or mediums or languages. And when she’s not creating them, you can find her buried in historical or fantasy fiction books. Quite the nerd!

In a career spanning over 15 years, Radha has explored the creative playfield in diverse capacities - from scripting travel shows to shooting with superstars in the deep south, from charting out integrated campaigns with cross-platform strategies to working on playlists and themes for radio shows, from running live content for one of the biggest IPL franchises to shooting music videos as a hobby. But if she was to reveal her superpower, it would be resurrecting brands from the dead and giving them life on digital.

When she’s not doing any of this, you’ll find our mistress of spices making gourmet breakfasts for her husband and their pet iguana. Yes, he eats fancy too!

Siju Sivan

Siju Sivan

Speed Racer & Design Genie
A.K.A. Associate Creative Director - Art

Siju's biggest rush is speed! Whether it is zipping across the countryside of Kerala in his SUV or through the zig-zag dunes of the Middle East in an ATV. He's equally quick with managing crazy campaign deadlines and souping up mind-blowing layouts while racing against the hands of the clock. He achieves dexterity and dynamism because of a deep-seated contrast that he possesses - an intrinsic sense of calm in the eye of the storm. Our silent warrior is one of a kind.

With 12 years of extensive design experience across 3 countries, Siju is a man of duality. His two strong suits are photography and illustration. And he's the father of twins to boot! By the way, Siju pumps iron in the gym with the same dedication as creating intricate detailing in gifs or animated videos. He is #onpoint when it comes to exciting challenges. No wonder a 12-hour walk-in rocky Kiwi terrain speckled by natural geysers and even a volcano, is a cinch!

Punam Shukla

Punam Shukla

Miss Congeniality & Miss-Chief
A.K.A Sr. Human Resource Manager

Poonam brings in over a decade of big-ticket network experience with proficiency in people, processes and protocol as she single-handedly manages our offices across cities, each with its own sub-culture and quirks. We suggest that she attempt a hand-stand because, honestly, she is the only person she can look up to!

Now, hold up, just because she is professionally brilliant and establishes working relationships stronger than yours with your ex, does not mean she doesn’t have a naughty side. Remember your college days where you would bunk and hang out with your buddies? Not her. She and her friends used to frequent Mumbai local trains and pretend to be blind. Motive? Just to understand if people show empathy to others, and have fun while testing that! Her college days are over but our MISS-CHIEF still has that prankster alter-ego.

She lives by her philosophy of living in the moment, rather than waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. This is why whether at home or at work, she makes every moment count. She loves gardening, Bollywood songs and gardening while she listens to Bollywood songs. Typical 90’s kid, right? That’s is how she kept herself busy during the lockdown. In fact, the phase was hard on everyone. She realised that and set her parrot free. Wherever her feather-friend is today, it surely misses her. She is indeed a sweetheart but, if she hears the noise of thermocol sheets rubbing together, she turns into she-hulk. Pet peeve alert!

There are two things that Punam cannot live without; books and spirituality. In fact, she loves nakhat Lord Krishna, and this validates where her effervescent cuteness and naughtiness stems from!

Anil Kulkarni

Anil Kulkarni

Deadline Dealer & Trekker
A.K.A. Associate Creative Director- Art

With 16+ years of experience in digital media, motion graphics, mainline advertising, and integrated communication, we can surely say Anil is a multi-dimensional expert. From finance to lifestyle, he has worked on almost everything. For the project “UDAAN-future learning”, he bagged a gold and a bronze RMAI award. He is FLY isn’t he?

It all started when Anil clinched his BFA admission just 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE DEADLINE! He has been acing the deadline game ever since. He lives by one motto and that is - “The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.” He is not fond of outlandish deadlines though!

Anil’s passion goes beyond being a great artist, he wants to lead from the front and mentor gen next. Incoming, next line of creative professionals coached by AK! One of the reasons for him being so good at what he does is that he loves to do it his way. While trekking in Devgiri fort, instead of the usual route, he decided to trek through the forest. And yes, he was lost. Eventually after 4 hours he reached the top and had a fun adventure to narrate.

Anil will never forget that trek! And one thing he never forgets is names of people he interacts with or is introduced to. He appreciates those who follow suit. It’s the easiest form of respect and acknowldgment. Speaking of forgetting things, he quietly hopes that his two adorable sons will soon phase off their phone indulgence and engage in more productive activities…just like dad, who by the way is also a closet singer!

Vaibhav Sawant

Vaibhav Sawant

Silent Warrior & Digital Ninja
A.K.A Associate Creative Director

With over 13+ years of experience in print ads, digital, graphics and a slew of creative experiments, Vaibhav is one of the big hitters in the game! Awards are not new to him. When he was with networks, he bagged many awards for his passion projects. That’s when he turned into a digital art tornado. But, what will blow your mind is that Vaibhav makes a pretty good detective as he possesses a bizarrely accurate visual memory. He uses it mostly for designing, or does he? Who knows!

Let's get one thing straight, you cannot separate him from his creative being. He is always scouting for new technology and tools to bring on his A game. He’s also a travel nut who loves diving into the deep - in design and in the ocean. Our scuba diver has been there, and done that multiple times. That is some ZNMD stuff!

Vaibhav’s creative confidence stems from the belief that the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. He never second guesses and goes all out, each time. Though Vaibhav lives a vibrant life, he would not like you being too loud. YOU would not like to be loud around him! Internalize, introspect and then speak softly, speak carefully, speak with confidence, just like our man.

Nabeel Lakhani

Nabeel Lakhani

Nomadic Poet & Rapper
A.K.A Associate Creative Director

With 7+ years of carrying the brands across to the finishing line of glory with his brilliant conceptualization and thoughtful campaigns; Nabeel is a man on a mission! Awards are cool but he always treasures the appreciation showered by juniors and peers even more.

Pen to paper the good old way is Nabeel’s favourite form of writing. Poetry is something that a dreamy writer can never quit. Nabeel hasn’t either. It does not stop here. Nabeel also plays the guitar! Reason why he has quite the female fan following wherever he goes! And hold on. Nabeel is a man of many talents. Most of us watch movies but our man has scripted for the big screen as well. His pet peeve? The one thing he detests, is the term “copies” and we sort of agree!

Nabeel loves the great outdoors. He once went to the Himalayas with a plan to camp there for 2 weeks. But Nabeel being Nabeel, ended up staying there for a few odd months! That is crazy…in a very amazing way. Yes, he’s indeed bitten by the wanderlust bug.

We wanted to talk about Nabeel’s quirk that sets him apart, but then realized that we don’t have enough time or space to mention them all. There are lots, and we mean lots! Oh, but there is one thing that probably no one knows, he calls himself “MuSlim Shady.” Get it? He loves rap and has no qualms about displaying his faith. We wonder how he comes up with these! Nabeel is a hiphop-head and we eternally bless him with this quote by rap god, Eminem, “A normal life is boring!”

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